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Landia is the definitive groove of the new millennium. David Landia has formulated a new, unique sound with his independent pop band based in Los Angeles, California. Landia's music style is very hard to define and it is truly an original twist on contemporary music.
Because of this broad audience appeal, this Los Angeles band is attracting attention all over the world, not just in their Southern California home. Check out Landia's independent debut CD, "Unleashing The Truth", on the LandiaMusic label. It's music with a soul....Music with a heart....Music that moves you to think positively and inspires you to become the best that you can be.

Meet The Band!!


Since its founding in 1983 Landia has been on a singular track. That track, simply stated , has been to deliver an exciting new style of "pop" music! The seeds of this original music have been crafted over the years into an intense array of unique grooves and messages!


David Landia
Composer, Lead Vocalist and Acoustic Guitar

As the founder of the group, David has been cultivating the members and the music to deliver the freshest pop to come along in years. His self-taught style on the acoustic guitar is at the core of what makes the "Landia Sound" so exciting! His voice conveys a warm, honest vibe that pulls you into the music to intimately involve the listener with the message.

Wesley King
Lead Guitar, Vocals

Considered to be one of the most versatile and original electric guitarists to surface in years, Wesley excites and mystifies you with his magical solos. His grooves and leads are as unique as the songs themselves. His smooth voice rounds out many of the complex harmonies that the band delivers.

Aaron Serfaty
Drums, Percussion 

Aaron, hails from Venezuela and is a welcome addition to The Landia Band. More info to follow

Rami Yanni

Bass Guitar, Vocals

Rami is a natural master of the bass. Having played over 13 years in the past with Landia, he remains a lifetime member and it's a joy to have him rejoin the band this year. 

Our Musical Mission

Music is.....the ultimate gift.

A sensation and an art form that can penetrate the soul easier than anything else in the universe! That energy we call "music" can be a healer, a friend, a marker, a bond.

The gift to create a new style of music is rare! It is found on the frontiers of human thinking and it is born out of all that has come before it.

In 1976 David Landia decided to put pen to paper and compose a simple song. It was instantly recognized that something new and inspiring had revealed itself. From that moment until now, his music has eluded being pegged into any existing category. Many professional musicians and general music lovers all agree: there is something different here! One comment heard many times over the years is, "I don’t know what to call it! It’s just GOOD!!" As we struggled to get the established record companies to put our music on the radio we heard the same thing, " What is this and where do we put it?"

Ultimately, the Internet would open the door. How appropriate! The frontier of commerce has become the launching pad for this fresh style of music! As we looked into this new marketplace, we realized that it was the perfect match! Why? Because the music lover need not be driven by "marketing parameters" at radio stations. The artist is no longer held hostage by executive decisions dumping worthless "shock-value" music on the world. The public can listen and decide for themselves on the Internet!

Landia is something far greater than just David’s music, too ! The gathering of the people in this group represents a return to something that we feel has been buried in the name of "units sold" . By this we mean that we want to deliver meaningful, timeless music to you! We strive to inspire you. We want you to feel the positive energy that our music wishes to spread across the world. We want you and your children to unite behind a new sound. We want you to smile, think, cry, reminisce, love, dance, laugh, tap, snap and clap! Whether you’re at home, in your car or "out on the town" we want to bring you music that will make every bone in your body want to move!!!

We thank you for taking a moment to read and understand our mission. It is our honor to deliver to you something we believe will make your soul soar....even if it’s just for a brief moment a day!


David Landia

Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Composer


Born in Santa Monica, California on July 22, 1958 and raised In Los Angeles, CA I’m the son of an Iowa "farm boy" and a Georgia "peach"! They met in Los Angeles back in the ’50s and never left.

School was fun! I attended Sumner Elementary, Claremont, CA; Harvard School, North Hollywood, CA; the University of Colorado, Boulder, CO for two years and the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA for two years. My degree is a Bachelor of Science in Finance. At the University of Colorado, I was President of the Colorado Alpha Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi. (I must admit that I spent a fair amount of time on snow skis). Boulder, Colorado is a beautiful place to attend college and I still have many friends there. After transferring to the University of Southern California, I produced and directed a musical for a competition called "Songfest" that was performed at the Greek Theater in 1979. We took first place in the competition and was told by the MC, Steve Allen, that it was the best number he had ever seen in his years of hosting the competition. A true compliment from a legend!

My jobs in life have been numerous. At thirteen my cousin and I landed jobs as dishwashers. It’s been downhill ever since! Seriously, out of college I worked on Wall Street before changing course and becoming a songwriter. While struggling as a musician I had worked as a handyman, courier, auto detailer, door to door salesman, operations manager at a small brokerage firm, bicycle shop employee and electronics repairman.

Of course, I’ve also worked in the musical arena! Aside from the countless shows I’ve had the opportunity to play, I’ve also worked with some acoustic guitar amplification companies. Hey all you trivia buffs:I was L.R. Baggs Co.'s first employee!

Most of my acoustic guitars are from the finest luthier to ever touch wood: Lloyd R. Baggs. I use his pick-ups and pre-amps as well. My amps are the Jarrod Lee Hooker Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar series. My strings, the incomparable Thomastik-Infeld. My guitar cases are the exceptional Ameritage Case Co. My fantastic pedals are from Visual Sound, now known as Truetone. I also use Godin Guitars and Corban Guitars. Both are first class builders, too!

The Landia band has seen many great players through the years and many thanks go to all those who have contributed to the growth of the project! To mention a few, John 'JT" Thomas on keyboards, Damon Rentie on sax, Rami Yanni on bass guitar and Billy Block on drums have all put their magic into the Landia sound. But the current line-up is by far the most unified! Chris, Dennis and Wesley are  a lot of fun and are very talented guys and since 1996 we have been sculpting our sound. Music with a soul. Music with heart. Music that moves you to think positive and inspires you!

We are here, as Landia: unleashing the truth!

Wesley King Sr.

Lead Guitar, Vocals

Wes was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is the oldest of six children, four girls and two boys! He has been playing the guitar ever since he was a child! His studies began at the Indiana School of Music. He graduated from Snider High School in Indiana and came to California in 1977 where he served in the United States Marine Corps. He is now the father of two, Wesley Jr. and Sharronda Ashley.

Wes has been playing the guitar professionally for over 15 years! You can hear and feel the passion he has for music every time he picks up the guitar. He has the uncanny ability to pick up a song in a matter of minutes! Then he can add his own personal touch, transforming the material into something magical and exciting!!

This guitarist has a style that is all his own, though! That’s what makes him the perfect fit in the Landia band. Whether it’s the slow, sexy leads in the ballads, the highly melodic fills on the mid-tempo tunes or the frenetic string bending solos of the high energy songs, Wesley represents a new breed of electric guitarist!

Born to be a performer, his charming smile coupled with his awesome playing simply mesmerizes the audience! This makes him the ultimate lead player!! But let’s not forget to mention his vocal talents! Wes can hit the "highs" that allow the band to deliver four part harmonies!! His writing and arranging skills make him a powerful member in an already stunning group!!!

"Anything is possible through God", states Wesley. His strong religious beliefs have kept him very active in the Church community. His hobbies include football, basketball, wrestling, kempo and boxing. Do not pick a fight with this man!!

Musical influences include Norman Brown, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Cameo, Eddie "Spanky" Adford, and Ernie Isley.

Wes’ brother, Dennis, introduced him to David Landia in 1996 just after Dennis had joined the band. Wes had known Chris Chambers for many years, as they had both toured with the Chambers Brothers band. He introduced Chris to the band when the bass position opened up. Within a short period of time, everyone realized what fate had brought together! It’s these four together that make the magic!!

Wes is very proud of his equipment! The BC Rich electric guitar, Jarrod Lee "hooker" series lead amp, Guild Hollow Body and Fender M80 Amp give him all the various tones necessary to execute the many sounds in Landia’s repertoire.

The character that he is, Wes has earned him the nicknames: "Sweet PE", "Wild Bill" and "Big Dawg". Whatever he may be called, though, you must see this man create the most intense guitar leads we’ve ever seen!!!

Song Bios from Unleashing The Truth CD


Hello! As the composer of the songs on our first CD release, "Unleashing The Truth", I would like to take you inside some of the creative inspiration behind each of the ten tunes.

My Love, I’m Waiting For You
A "personal" look into a relationship that was so powerful, yet distant. Translation: lopsided! Beware of the "one-sided relationship". Of course, I gave it the positive vibe that is inherent in most of my compositions.

You Are What I've Been Lookin' For
This song started out as an instrumental for a video concept that I had. But since I love to write lyrics, I was inspired to invite you into the life of a really lucky lover!!! The "groove" of this song is the essence of my music.

Every Season
Believe it or not, this is a "spiritual" tune! I wanted to express the thought that when you lose someone close to your heart they still live within the moments of the seasons, eternally.

In Flight
Ah, this "elder" composition has held up well through the years! Indeed, I wrote this in college while realizing that a girl that I had a crush on had no romantic interest in me!!

In The Blink Of An Eye
This song is simply a reflection on that moment that some people experience when faced with sudden death. Not a pretty subject, but it gave me a reason to reflect on an instant of life where reflection and celebration collide!

The Cost Of Freedom
The message is clear and very deep: the people who have sacrificed their lives in the name of "Freedom" will never be forgotten. We must always share their pain to appreciate what we enjoy today.

The Heartbeat Of Two Souls
The old expression: "A bell went off the moment we met" is at the core of this tune! Love is so powerful!! The heartbeat stands as the first "sound of love".

Where’s My Friend
Friendship is a very valuable part of everyone’s life. This song is a story of friends, separated, and the thoughts of one friend as he contemplates the loss. All of us have experienced this pain at some point in time. Perhaps this song will help you to reflect on your relationships and how critical they can be to your happiness.

Red Roses
I was sitting with a friend over dinner when she said "I just want a man who will bring me red roses and say 'I love you' . Is that too much to ask?!" This song was my answer.

The Restoration Bell
It’s not hard to look at the world today and be perplexed!! Music, as a window into society, has been full of negative feelings. Landia is just the opposite! A "positive vibe" is our signature. We are the restoration bell . Can you hear it?


Well, I hope that this has made these songs a bit closer to being understood. I go to great lengths to bring meaningful lyrics to groovin’ music! My hope is that you feel the groove and love the messages! If you can answer "yes", then I’ve succeeded as an artist. I thank you for every moment that my music touches your life.....

All the best to you,

David Landia