Welcome to The Landia Band's Official Website! We are honored by your desire to explore our music and a bit about the band. Our goal this year is to bring you new recordings, videos and great live concerts. We have not been resting but instead rebuilding! So, without further delay....

Let me take a moment to introduce you to the current members. First, returning to Landia after many years, Rami Yanni, bass virtuoso. Next, Wesley King, the electric guitar phenom and vocalist who has been with me since before and after my return to music in 2013. Drums are now in the amazing hands of Naisa!! She has played in Landia before and we welcome her back! This represents a massive change in how Landia is constructed and is a quantum leap into the expansion of musical textures that my compositions warrant.

If you love the music, treat yourself to the High Definition CD available through the CD Baby link to the left. It sounds WAY better than that MP3 file you are hearing. Crank it up and groove!!!

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Once again, thank you for visiting and listening!

Best wishes,

David Landia