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One of the characteristics of a good album is that it sounds good the first time you listen to it. The sign of a great album is that it sounds good initially and gets better with repeated listenings.

"Unleashing The Truth", the debut album by LANDIA, thrusts itself firmly into the latter category. Hearing the album for the first time, it is clearly evident that singer-songwriter and world-class acoustic guitarist David Landia has assembled a collection of engaging, multi-layered rock 'n roll songs with strong melodies and intelligent, thoughtful lyrics. From the metaphysics set to a blistering rock tempo of "In The Blink Of An Eye" to the soothing ballad "Every Season", each song works independently as well as part of the whole. The Landia Band-guitarist Wesley King, bassist Chris Chambers, drummer Dennis King and keyboardist John "JT' Thomas-creates a seamless synergy that enables each tune to take on a life of its own.

With subsequent listenings, the subtleties rise to the surface and draw the listener deeper into each song. One hears Thomas' superb keyboard work on the anthemic "Restoration Bell"-try NOT singing that one to yourself after hearing it-while Wesley King's leads on "In Flight", "You Are", and "The Cost Of Freedom" recall Clapton or Stevie Ray Vaughn and are tailored to enhance the songs, not overwhelm them. Chambers and Dennis King provide a tight, rhythmic foundation. "Unleashing The Truth" combines outstanding musical talent with great songs and the result is a CD that demands inclusion in any collection.

(reprinted with permission)

Finnish Broadcasting Company YULE-(broadcast live Finland's largest radio station

It is sad that music is getting to the point (like movies) where nobody has heart, but dollar signs in front of their eyes. Of today's "stars", very few will be around five years from now, since the phenomenons created by marketing departments will die in a couple of years. It's not surprising that "Entertainment Weekly" named The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe the most entertaining stars of the past fifty years. So, it's very rare, but stimulating, to see a good movie made less than twenty years ago or listen to today's music that sound like the musicians enjoy what they are doing; that they don't count the money but count on personality.

That kind of music is LANDIA. Their "Unleashing The Truth" CD is also different in the sense that you can't categorize it. David Landia's (singer, songwriter, guitarist)melodic rock has an ethereal and energetic quality in that it surprises the listener. That happens especially in the first song on the CD, "My Love, I'm Waiting For You", which has a rap segment in it. The songs on the album live and change in their own musical world, in the fresh and balanced symbiosis of rock, pop and soft jazz rhythms. When you listen to them over and over again, you learn something new every time, for example, "In Flight". 

Landia is music that you can't get enough of, and that's a quality everybody would like to have.

(translated and reprinted with permission)